Cynthia Morris

Cynthia Morris is an artist, author, public speaker, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and also the founder of Original Impulse. Cynthia has worked with several writers and creatives to assist them to attain their structural and motivation of a creative life they desire. In her work, she combines the essentials of passion and inspiration with the reality of ‘getting it done.’ Some of her works include Chasing Sylvia Beach and Create Your Writer’s Life and also she is the creator of Capture the Wow.

She takes us through her life as an artist. She explains “the writer’s life’ through her book with the title Create Your Writer’s Life. She says that people often want to live the writer’s life yet they do not understand the concept that involves such an experience. Thus in her abstract, she urges people to create their life around writing so they can infuse the satisfaction and joy of writing in their lives. Cynthia argues that every person has their unique idea of what an artist life involves.

She dissents the idea of going to Bali or Paris to live an artist or writer life. She encourages the artist to think beyond the stereotypes of Picasso, Hemingway and grabbing drinks with fellow artist all day. Instead, she encourages the artists to go out and explore the WOW in the city. Take long walks in the park, museums, and galleries and before the day ends aspire to make art as artist life involve creating artwork.

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